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Causes And Solutions For Lippage

Dealing With Lippage? No Worries! Use A  Tile Leveling System

Ceramic, porcelain or stone floor tiles add beauty and luxury to our home.  Unfortunately, the downside with such eye appealing floors is the risk of lippage – the difference in height between the edges of tile. The result is a warped and ridged surface that isn’t flat and may affect the aesthetics of your flooring… Read More

The Best Way To Eliminate Tile Lippage

The tile leveling system

The tile leveling system. This is a new tool designed to eliminate the very common problem – tile lippage – when tiling new floors. The tile leveling system is an innovative product that will greatly assist in the installation of ceramic, marble, stone, granite and large format slab tiles. Anyone can now create a virtually… Read More

Decorative Concrete Makeover Solution

Decorative Concrete Contractor, Decorative Concrete sfv

Decorative Concrete Flooring Makeover Solution With infinite potential for design flexibility, concrete is now in the for-front of flooring alternatives that are both attractive and cost effective. Decorative concrete can transform the traditional colorless concrete into beautiful colored floors. You can now decide which hue of red, brown or any other color you want for… Read More

Royal Style Swimming Pools


Negative edge pools or Infinity pools, as they are often called, are pools constructed so that the edge of the water blends with the horizon and view. You will not see any edges or walls on the “negative edge” as the water spills over down into a catch basin. The water are then pumped  back… Read More